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          Hebei Silk Road ChenGuang Oils Co., Ltd.

          ADD:No. 1 Chenguang Road, Quzhou

                   County, Hebei Province

          Zip Code:057250

          TEL:+86-0310-8852088  8852099


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          Speech by the CEO

                Hello, everyone. Welcome to visit our website. 
                Internet is an advanced technological method to spread news in modern society, and it is considered as the forth media after newspaper, radio and television. Now information technology has become one of the most advanced productivities to promote economic growth. We set up our website, aiming at bruiting our company and products, and increasing interaction with clients and customers. The Internet draws us closer, and information enhances our sentiments. I ,on the behalf of our staff, extend our sincere regards to my honored guests from all circles. 
                We always set for ourselves high standard, high class. Basing on high point, taking advantages of high technology, developing the advanced, elaborate and sophisticated are the strategies of sustainable development.
                In the new century, we will inherit the past and usher in the future, and keep pace with the times; we will provide the society and clients with new products, optimum quality, high enthusiasm, beautiful surroundings and outstanding achievement, devoting ourselves to building a well-off society in an all-round way. 
                From now on, we will fling ourselves into the field of high-class healthful edible oils, seeking a higher and faster development in the new century. We will try our best to enrich and consummate the all-directional net for product circulation, together with meticulous decision making, long-term program, we believe our products will win more clients.