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          Hebei Silk Road ChenGuang Oils Co., Ltd.

          ADD:No. 1 Chenguang Road, Quzhou

                   County, Hebei Province

          Zip Code:057250

          TEL:+86-0310-8852088  8852099


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          Brand idea

                  The Silk Road (Silu) from Chang’an to Western Regions, via Hosi Corridor, has become a synonym of Xinjiang. People would associate Xinjiang with Silu.
            Chenguang, morning sunrises, implies groundbreaking new kinds of precious oils as a rising industry and their new functions. 
            Silu Chenguang consists of the significant feature and unique value of products---Xinjiang as original source and their salubrious functions. With a successive relation with original brands, the name teems with literary aestheticism and vigor, and its harmonious melody is an associated with beauty. 

            Silu Chenguang, with its rich connotation, perfectly interprets the value of our products.